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Life & Disability schemes cover your team members in the event of:

  • Decease (capital, education annuity, spouse’s annuity)
  • Incapacity-Invalidity (daily allowances, disability pensions)
  • Dependency

Protecting your staff against life’s mishaps adds value to your firm’s social policy and makes it stand out from the rest.

Every firm is unique.  This is why we tailor your Life & Disability scheme to your needs.

Bessé is by your side throughout the whole process:

  • Auditing the provisions already in place:
    • Compliance with regulatory and contractual obligations
    • Risk exposure (direct indemnification in the absence of cover, labour tribunals, URSAFF (the French organisation for the payment of social security and family benefit contributions), taxation
    • Financial optimisation
  • Drawing up specifications and tender bids
  • Helping you with maximising and communicating your schemes
  • Handling procedures : collecting contributions, paying out benefits...

We work together on what new services your firm should set up to protect your team members

Alongside your Human Resources Department and the social partners, we identify the services that will best suit your firm’s requirements and environment.

Just like a truly unbiased and objective « orchestra conductor », we coordinate and analyse how efficient these services are.

Our added value

Our many years of experience have enabled us to acquire sound sector-based skills (Industry & Services, Marine, Agro-food supply, Cargo, Motors).  We have remained totally independent from the actors on the market and are therefore able to design the life & disability schemes that suit you best.

  • Counteranalysing the insurer’s profit and loss accounts so as to have a better grasp of their financial balance, an essential basis for negotiating budgets.
  • Highly-specialised legal assistance.
  • A thorough understanding of social dialogue, a key asset in carrying out negotiations with Staff Representative Bodies.
  • Methods of communication adapted to the various branches of the company (RH, Staff Representative Bodies, employees).


Our aim: to be by your side, making the life & disability scheme set up for your team members stand out from all others.

A few key figures


euros worth of benefits
paid out in 2019 bu complementary bodies

Source : DREES - Études & Résultats janvier 2019

32 million

people benefit from incapacity cover

Source : DREES - Études & Résultats janvier 2019


of employees off on sick leave ot least once over the last 12 months

Source : Rehalto - CP étude absentéisme 2019

14 days

average sick leave per employee over the last 12 months

Source : Rehalto - CP étude absentéisme 2019

100 billion euros

the hidden cost of absenteeism at work