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Innovation is an integral part of our DNA

Innovation cannot be dissociated from Bessé’s development. We have developed through innovating and it is through innovating that we shall continue to develop.  Passing this tradition on to new recruits is of course of the utmost importance to our firm.

New offers have been specifically created to meet high expectations.  For example, through Premium Semis, we have come up with solutions and coverage unheard of on the market, the aim of which is to cover the whole agro-food sector with a « safety net » to secure farming income.

Through our investment in the realm of Marine Renewable Energy, we have been able to accompany the emergence of new energy-producing technology.  As for those involved in the nuclear sector, they can also benefit from exclusive coverage designed specifically with their challenges in mind.

The risks have to be grasped, insurance solutions invented, the right wording drawn up, a response set up to meet complex novelties, in different areas, with results as yet untested by experience.  This is essential if industrial operators are to make strides in this new energy venture, so strategic for our industrial future.    

Bessé’s services and teams will continue to provide you with tailored service but specialisation and investment alone are not enough when it comes to innovating.  The key is listening to our clients.

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Digital technology at the heart of our offer of service

For over 10 years now, digital transformation has been a reality for us.  It is above all a means for furthering our customer relations and improving the quality of the service that we offer.

75% of our investment in digital development is devoted to new customer tools.

To our way of thinking, digitalisation is first and foremost a toolbox that serves two main purposes:

  • Sharing together more simply and successfully, perfectly safely.
    We have not only developed claims-handling tools that can communicate with yours but also web portals to give you a transparent view of our management approach so that we can work together in a true spirit of trust.
  • Providing your own clients with added value
    Our digital solutions enable you to provide your clients more easily with the solutions you need for your own development.


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