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Employee welfare in France, a major issue for subsidiaries of foreign groups:

  • Grasping the changes in regulations that apply to employee welfare in France:  constant changes in legislation require a thorough knowledge of French rules and regulations.
  • Complying with such regulations in order to avoid controls and sanctions by the authorities.
  • Possessing all the necessary information required by the parent company for reporting purposes.


The assistance we provide revolves around a team that is not only pluridisciplinary (legal experts, actuaries…) but also multilingual, to help you define your needs and set up the employee welfare cover that best suits the specificities of your group.

Our services include:

  • Tailored advice on regulations.
  • Independent advisory service for selecting service providers:  insurers, claims managers…
  • Implementing management tools for tasks such as reporting when international groups are involved, consolidating accounts in accordance with standards applicable in another country, etc.
  • Training Staff Representative Bodies and handling staff communication.
  • Bessé's total independence from the parent company’s broker.
  • Confidentiality ensured in any exchanges between the broker and the French subsidiary.
  • The guarantee that you will be dealing with a French broker, thus smoothing communication with the Staff Representative Bodies in an international context.