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Nowadays, business leaders are finding their personal liability increasingly incurred

Although such allegations do not necessarily result in conviction, the directors concerned are often put personally to a severe test and have to ensure effective defence.

This tendancy can be largely explained by the increase in compliance standards and requirements, some of which are contradictory, especially from one country to another for companies with operations abroad.

For over 30 years, Bessé has been analysing the risks that weigh on directors and developing tailored insurance solutions which take effect right from the outset of the crisis so as to provide the best possible assistance as soon as they are accused, while strictly observing presumption of innocence, right up to final conviction.

These solutions are often sorely tried when a loss occurs. They are effective whatever the grounds for accusation (mismanagement, wrongful interpretation of the law, breach of company statutes, lack of decision, etc.), and their purpose is to cover defence costs not only for civil or criminal proceedings but also for civil sentences.  We are constantly developing our offer on the basis of client feedback in order to further improve the assistance we provide.                                                                                                

Our account executives and our specialised D&O claims team enable those business leaders who have chosen Bessé to perform their duties serenely.  They are safe in the knowledge that they have reliable coverage and customised assistance anywhere in the world.