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Cyprien Laubin

Many changes are taking place in the car-dealing sector owing to the move towards concentration on the part of the key players.  This encourages innovation and new services to emerge in an overall digital environment throughout the whole automotive ecosystem. In these times of change, our experts are by your side, helping you find solutions to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

The heart of our profession is providing advice, managing your insurance programmes and accompanying you personally, thus equipping you to meet the challenges encountered in your field of activity.

Our specialised approach has been developed over the years thanks to our teams of policy handlers, claims managers and account executives, working alongside you in all four corners of France.

A benchmark based on over 40 000 claims files handled by our Bessé Motors teams each year provides you with unequalled feedback and improves risk prevention.

The assistance we offer lies in :

  • Analysing the risks involved in your line of business
  • Drawing up tailored insurance programmes
  • Negotiating rates for the most suitable coverage for the risks detected
  • Managing your insurance programmes and providing assistance through the Bessé Motors teams

We build a lasting relationship with you so that you can do your job safely.


You can protect your property, your vehicles and your liability through solutions that are both groundbreaking and adapted to your business activities.

Because your business is an asset that needs protecting, Bessé Motors is the only advisory service which, after having thoroughly examined your operations and risks, can design, manage and negotiate your insurance programme, thus providing 360° coverage.

Our role as advisor also puts us in a strong position to make recommendations, by auditing your risks and keeping you permanently informed as to any impending risks (eg. weather alerts).

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    Bessé Motors
    Bessé Motors


    We have been assisting you for over 10 years with designing and piloting your employee benefits schemes (healthcare costs, life & disability cover, supplementary pension plans, retirement indemnities) to suit your social, budgetary and technical requirements in an environment in which regulations are constantly changing.

    The main tasks in which our teams are engaged are:

    • Designing tailored and lasting employee benefits schemes to suit our clients’ requirements, be they social, financial, human relational, technical or legal;
    • Making your programmes sustainable over time;
    • Harmonising these programmes in a sector marked by significant external growth operations;
    • Promoting CSR commitments as an argument in favour of the Employer’s brand, through employee benefits schemes;
    • Research into re-internalising retirement indemnity commitments by opening up to competition for life & disability and retirement indemnities business.



    Saga is in the lead when it comes to designing loyalty-building schemes and offering to set up additional coverage whenever a new or used vehicle is sold.

    Our offer has been on the motor-dealing market for 30 years.  We now handle over 250 000 vehicles in partnership with 200 dealers that have placed their trust in us.


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    Our Fields of Action

    Distribution automobile Bessé

    Motor Dealers

    As Company Director, it is your duty to manage your business’s growth and sustainability.  Securing your assets and protecting your teams are at the heart of your concerns and require personalised assistance.  The new challenges arising from mobility and digitalisation force you to rethink your existing systems and to find new ways to improve loyalty.  We have been present in your line of business for over 40 years, designing insurance solutions in conjunction with you to suit your needs. 

    Distribution agricole

    Agricultural Machinery

    For many years now, we have been assisting you, agricultural machinery professionals, with managing your risks, especially in matters of public liability, which can indeed prove crucial in the light of your activities’ specificities.  Our specialisation has enabled us to structure your insurance cover and to set up coverage based on a policy of reference which is unique on the agricultural machinery retailing market.  Under it, for example, the cost of having asbestos removed from the building’s structure, roof, materials or even parts and tools is unlimited, following damage to the building that houses your operations. We have been partners with the PROMODIS corporation of retailers since 2003.

    Distribution trucks


    Bessé Motors groups together professionals dealing in sales and after-sales service for industrial vehicles, coaches and buses (certified dealers and repairers).  Through this network of professionals, Bessé Motors offers suitable solutions enabling you to handle your business risks in the most effective way.

    Distribution TP & Manutention

    Public Works and Handling Operations

    Public liability arising from your activity is a major financial challenge for your business.  Not only that, but handling claims and recourse also remains a fundamental element in mastering your risks. Bessé Motors provides optimal support through our own hyper-specialised management teams.

    Distribution pièces détachées

    Spare Parts

    The current shifts in spare parts supplies, with the emergence of second-hand parts and the increase in distribution platforms, have led us to adapt our insurance coverage to suit wholesalers’ new activities, whether incorporated into the repair side of the business or independently.



    Whether your business involves short-term or long-term hire, Bessé will provide you with the best possible solutions to suit your coverage and fleet management requirements, in particular through our web portal, the success of which is widely acclaimed by the professionals in this sector.

    Distribution moto Bessé


    In an area which is constantly changing and being restructured, you have to rethink your approach and how you can make your assets secure.  As specialist advisor and partner in this profession, Bessé Motors has set up original coverage to perfectly suit your motorcycle retail and repair business.

    Bessé’s Trumpcards


    Partnerships with dealer groups

    We are a long-standing partner of a great many dealer groups (RENAULT, PEUGEOT, FIAT, AUDI, MERCEDES, PROMODIS...) and also of the Conseil National des Professionnels de l'Automobile (or National Council for Automobile Professionnals) with whom we constantly reflect on the changes in the dealing profession, thus enabling us to anticipate as effectively as possible your expectations and requirements in the way of offers, service and innovation.

    picto digital

    Digital + Simple

    Since 2016, we have been offering 100% digital service through our partner +Simple for those working closely with the motor industry.  +SIMPLE.FR has developed a digital platform for taking out cover and handling customer relations, which uses electronic signing, payment on line and enables insurance certificates to be issued immediately.  All the client insurance documents are then centralised and locked inside an electronic safe.

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    picto prevention


    In order to prevent and anticipate risks arising from various hazards – especially climate events – our claims department regularly sends you weather alerts and advice from experts to help you with your preventive action.

    A few key figures


    of dealer groups (cars, motorbikes, agricultural machinery, trucks, public works / handling operations, rentals) have placed their trust in us


    Beneficiaries covered under our Employee Benefits programmes


    Beneficiaries of our SAGA loyalty scheme

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    Your online management tool

    An extranet tool just for you, i.e. www.besse-motors.fr, gives you complete freedom to:

    • Manage your motor fleet and complete the Insured Vehicle Register
    • Notify your claims on line and appoint a Motor surveyor on line
    • Complete your claims files on line
    • Track your claims files in real time
    • Access claims reporting
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