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How can your level of exposure be measured?


What would the consequences be for your company and how can they be assessed?


How can you plan for handling this risk, apart from purely technical solutions?


What is the best way to protect your business in the face of this constantly evolving threat?

Transferring your cyber risks to the insurance market is one way to address this issue as it helps improve your company’s resilience in the event of an attack.  Bessé is right by your side in this move, setting up the most suitable coverage to match your needs.

In order to achieve this, Bessé has developed a specific approach, revolving around 4 main priorities:      

  • Estimating the company’s level of risk
  • Identifying and assessing the consequences of a Cyber attack
  • Defining a tailor-made insurance response
  • Planning crisis management 

Keeping your company’s key features carefully in mind, this transversal approach enables you to be fully involved in the analysis stage and to co-structure an insurance solution with Bessé that is perfectly suited to your requirements and expectations.

Directors of medium-sized businesses faced with the threat of a Cyber attack

In this era of digital revolution, cybersecurity is a major challenge for all businesses.  While large groups and, more especially, listed companies, have taken measures to guard against such risks, medium-sized businesses are not so well prepared.  

By listening carefully to company directors and concerned with giving them the best possible assistance with this strategic shift, Bessé and PwC France & French-speaking Africa have joined forces to run a specific survey on the cyber risks that weigh on medium-sized businesses. The results of their investigations emphasise that cyber crime represents a threat for the whole economic fabric and that it requires a collective response.

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A few key figures


of French businesses said in 2018 that they had been victims of fraud over the past two years (versus 68% in 2016).


of the most reported types of fraud were cyber fraud. 


of business leaders reported asset misappropriation versus 56% in 2016. 

Cyber risks are evolving.  They are increasingly severe, likely and unpredictable.  This was shown in 2019 by the rise in businesses falling victim to cyber attacks, regardless of their size or sector of activity.  There are many examples:  Altran, Norsk Hydro –Technal, Aebi-
Schmidt, Fleury Michon, Eurofins, Asco, Ramsay Générale de Santé, Airbus, M6,
Accord, Edenred… and others who prefer not to communicate …

Nowadays, both medium-sized firms and large groups are being targeted by these attacks and could be seriously affected...  Even so, very few are truly prepared to face such a threat.

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Crise cyber : quel impact sur la valorisation de nos entreprises ?

Quelles solutions assurantielles pour renforcer la cyber résilience ?

De nombreux témoignages d’intervenants autour de différents experts du cyber.

  • Partie 1 : L'introduction par Pierre Bessé, Président de Bessé 
  • Partie 2 : Crise cyber: quel impact sur la valorisation des entreprises ? Par Guy-Philippe Goldstein, Enseignant-chercheur à l’École de Guerre Économique, Advisor pour PwC
  • Partie 3 : Quelle prise de conscience de la part des dirigeants d'entreprises ? Par Jean-Philippe Pagès, Directeur Industrie & Services de Bessé
  • Partie 4 : Interactions et Débats : Jean-Philippe Pagès et Guy-Philippe Goldstein répondent aux questions des différents intervenants. 

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