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Bessé places all its expertise at the service of healthcare professionals

Great changes are taking place in the healthcare sector.

Access to healthcare, technical progress, exchanged data and shared records, e-health, enhancing hospital attractiveness, alleviating A&E overcrowding, accelerating research and the use of technology, building staff loyalty, etc... are some of the many factors that health professionals have to face, not without risk.

For over 40 years, we have been assisting professionals in the health sector with setting up and handling their insurance coverage.
By choosing Bessé, you choose a family-owned, independent, French medium-sized business, which places trust, confidentiality, sustainability and flexibility at the heart of its expertise.

We design solutions to suit each of your professions through our specialisation and thorough knowledge of your sector and the shifts it has to face.
Through their anticipation and reactivity, our teams of experts give you day-to-day advice and make sure that your programmes work properly, for your protection and convenience.


Our fields of action


Hospital Medical Practitioners, Doctors and Pharmacists

As a privileged partner of APPA (the Hospital Medical Practitioners Association), Bessé has been assisting hospital medical practitioners for nearly 40 years now by designing and handling their welfare benefit schemes.

Our partnership with the vast majority of hospitals all over France provides us with unique legitimacy and know-how, which we devote to the 40 000 interns and 55 000 hospital and assimilated medical practitioners who look after patients in France every day.

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The Pharmaceutical Industry / BioTechnology

For many years now, pharmaceutical companies have been confronted with multiple challenges, such as pioneering and the cost of innovation, while the development of generic medicines and pressure on prices have eaten away at margins, but also challenges arising from emerging countries, the reduction of environmental impact, etc..
These shifts have obviously had a huge impact on the staff involved in a sector that has undergone major mergers and acquisitions.
In the particular area of supplementary health and welfare benefits, the pharmaceutical industry’s National Collective Bargaining Agreement is one of the branches with the most specificities, requiring skilled know-how.
We have been operating in this sector for several decades now, providing assistance and guidance to companies of all sizes, in both local and international contexts.


Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

We advise a large number of industrial groups in the nuclear sector.  In the field of nuclear medicine, we advise several companies, in particular one which has operations in Europe and in the United States and develops diagnostic and therapeutic products for nuclear molecular medicine.

We shall therefore continue to invest heavily in this specific field by providing those involved with tailored assistance, not only when it comes to the risks associated with their activities but also with health and welfare benefits for their team members.

Bessé’s Strengths


A pioneering spirit

Renowned for their technical expertise, the Bessé teams are here to assist you with the most complex of projects, not only by setting up unique and novel solutions but also by negotiating them on the insurance market so that your key issues can be protected.

presence institutions

Highly specialised teams

As our structure is based on specialisation, this means that we can provide exemplary service and innovate with you and for you.  Our teams work together with you every day to build new risk transfer solutions that follow not only the developments taking place in your field of activity but also the opportunities that arise on the insurance market.

A few key figures


of hospital medical practitioners and pharmacists are protected under our schemes

11 000

hospital medical practitioners and pharmacists place their trust in us


team members are entirely devoted to this task

APPA: Individual Affinity Solutions

Appa Médecin

We design programmes for protecting affinity groups, i.e. professional groups such as hospital medical practitioners and pharmacists, lawyers, former employees of large groups…

We are highly skilled in:

  • Designing tailored coverage
  • Negotiating with the insurers
  • Individual subscription
  • Managing claims and premiums      
  • Handling accounts
  • Advising

We have been partners with hospital medical practitioners ever since 1980 and have built up a unique offer for this professional branch, which takes into account the specific coverage required.

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