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Jean-Philippe Pagès

Offering quality advising and service is constantly uppermost in the minds of our teams.  The very structure of these small, agile and reactive units guarantees the added value they bring you.

Bessé accompanies the "businesses of the future"

Artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, biotechnology, robotisation and other technological innovations are changing our society and creating the businesses of the future.

In this context, we are constantly investing in research and development in order to strengthen our expertise in traditional risks but also to help our clients protect themselves from the new risks arising from digital transformation in businesses.

Innovating means having the ability to design new solutions for protecting a business’s results, through identifying then dealing with all the risks to which they are exposed. These can stem from supply and distribution chains or from the rise in cyber crime.

In a highly competitive international environment, medium-sized businesses encounter the same challenges as large firms.  Whatever their size, all businesses must nowadays set up a process to  continuously improve good management practice and risk transfer.

This implies an overall approach based on a good grasp of the issues faced by the various industrial sectors, of the specific risks pertaining to each business and a thorough knowledge of the insurance and reinsurance markets and techniques.

Whatever the nature of the risk, as soon as it is diagnosed and its relevance ascertained, effective coverage must be provided which will work when a loss occurs, even when the scenarios are complex and unpredictable.        

Our account executives provide the best possible proof of our ability to innovate.  They have a 360° view of the problems you face and collect live feedback from our claims managers.


Bessé’s « Increased Claims Value »

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Bessé’s investment in claims management is a powerful factor that makes it stand out from the rest.  More than ever, a business’s claims department has to be part of an overall approach to client relations, capable of adapting to and anticipating change, i.e. contributing to innovation, producing the services of tomorrow, giving clients assistance with their internationalisation, grasping new risks and shifts in client requirements. This means not only having the technical skill to analyse the relevant tools but also being increasingly present in the field, including abroad, as clients need to keep control of losses wherever they occur.     


Human capital therefore remains a priority through training or recruiting talent ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges, i.e. experienced professionals, highly qualified legal experts or young graduates.

Our fields of Action

Ingénierie industrielle

Industrial engineering

Digitalisation plays an increasingly important role in improving efficiency and performance in industrial engineering.  Owing to its rapidly changing nature, industrial engineers are faced with a multitude of challenges.

Their services are not merely limited to creating integrated interfaces between their clients’ systems but also focus on ensuring effective communication between them.  When handled properly, interfaces enable data to be validated and this opens up paths for businesses to improve their competitivity, so that they are ready to join the industry of the future    

Offshore Energy

Offshore Energy

Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) offers an alternative to fossil fuels.  Therefore, the sea is currently a major concern, both for Europe and the public authorities.  True to our strategy for specialisation, we have been developing insurance solutions to meet your MRE requirements for several years now.

We provide assistance to all the operators in the Offshore Energy sector, whatever the technology involved (fixed foundation offshore wind turbines, floating offshore wind turbines, tidal turbines, wave energy converters, etc…) or the type of connection used (offshore & onshore electric cables and substations).  From the drawing board right up to the operational phase, through the plant manufacturing and installation stages, we are right by your side throughout the whole project.

These brand new insurance programmes prove our ability to combine our experience in the energy and marine sectors, not only as far as insurance cover is concerned but also technical expertise.

Our teams of experts in our Industry & Services and Marine divisions, together with our SOFIMAR Prevention Engineers, work hand in hand on your Offshore Energy projects.

Industries lourdes

Heavy industry

The term « heavy industry » applies to activities that require large facilities and high capital expenditures, i.e. the metal and steel industries.    

Right from the start, we have been keen to develop a high level of technicity and specialisation to tackle the complexity of the risks inherent in these industries, in order to provide you with the best possible assistance.

Our goal?  To have a thorough grasp of our clients’ risks so that their insurance programmes can be defined and aligned accordingly (Public Liability, Property Damage / Business Interruption, Environmental Impairment, Erection All Risks, Cyber crime, D&O, etc.) and to provide our unparalleled experience.

We make it our priority to accompany you on a long term basis by providing teams that speak your language, i.e. legal experts, claims managers and engineers, who are all specialists in your particular field.


Fabricants de matériaux de construction

Building material manufacturers

The building material industry is a highly technical and often complex activity, with a commitment to tomorrow’s challenges, especially ecological transition.

The Bessé teams have the necessary skill and experience up their sleeves to find suitable solutions for those involved in this industry so that their activities can be protected and their business developed to the fullest, both in France and internationally.

Traitement déchets

Waste-to-energy processing

Waste-to-energy processing is an activity that presents a great number of risks.  Bessé has been involved in this sector for over 30 years and is skilled not only in setting up risk transfer solutions but also in handling the losses involved.

Équipementiers et sous-traitance industrielle

Technological equipment suppliers and industrial subcontracting

This sector of excellence is faced with risks and challenges that are both complex and worldwide.  For the last 60 years, the main operators in this sector have entrusted Bessé with their insurance programmes.  

Your strategic position in the value chain, regulated by contractual provisions which are often less than favourable, requires tailored assistance all the way from risk analysis through to risk transfer, once your retention options have been assessed.

Our lengthy experience, reinforced by the solid expertise provided by our policy-handling and claims teams, enables us to anticipate your coverage requirements and work closely with you to build insurance solutions that are perfectly suited to your technical and commercial goals, both in France and abroad.  


Nuclear Energy

Our specific Bessé Nuclear Solutions® team assists you with your nuclear projects.  We help you assess your risk exposure in terms of nuclear third party liability. We provide tailored solutions to cover your activities all over the world (China, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Great Britain, Russia…).



The service sector is closely intertwined with the life of any business, regardless of the sector, with R&D upstream and with logistics and services relating to commercialising and promoting products downstream, plus services that ensure the industrial efficiency and successful management of large organisations throughout the entire production cycle.

Service providers therefore offer complex technical and intellectual services which constitute a large share of their clients’ intangible capital.

Thanks to its thorough grasp of industrial risks, Bessé has engaged in developing its expertise in the risks encountered by service providers, who need novel insurance solutions, especially for their Liability, Financial Risks (Cyber, Fraud) and Motor Fleets.

Bessé’s Strengths

expertise sinistre

Claims Expertise

Bessé Industrie & Services handles over 1 600 claims per year.  On the strength of our experience in claims settlement, our team specialised in industry and services shares its expertise with you on industrial sites, for instance in the event of claims lodged by third parties.

ingénierie prévention

Prevention Engineering

Assessing your risks and preparing them to be placed with the insurers, supporting your teams when it comes to making technical choices and providing feedback (supplying training for your teams and REX following a loss), are our Prevention Engineers’ 3 main tasks.

Our goal?  

To improve your prevention policy and help you protect your team members and your equipment.


International Operations

For over 35 years now, we have been assisting our clients all over the world with the help of a network of 70 independent partners, all carefully selected by us.  Thanks to our being a member of the Gallagher Global Alliance, you can benefit from greater flexibility via access to the network built up by Gallagher, the 4th largest broker in the world.

Our goal:  to help you manage your insurance programme while taking into account the specificities of your international structure.

A few key figures


international programmes in 150 countries


of our teams dedicated to claims management


of our teams’ time spent on R&D

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Managing your motor fleet

Manage your motor fleet (vehicle entries/exits) and issue green cards yourself.  Notify and track your claims.


Managing your transport risks

Issue your own insurance certificates. Notify and track your claims.


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