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Balancing work and private life

Place en crèche

Places in creches

Frais de garde

Childcare costs for young children


Sports vouchers and Sport at Work

Centre ville

Close to the town centre

Congé maternité

1 month extra maternity leave


Staff canteen

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Changer vos préférences
Sport at work

Employee benefits


Additional Health and Life & Disability cover

Supplementary pension scheme

Abonnement PEE interessement

Company savings plan

Profit sharing


Compte épargne temps

Time Savings Account

Tickets restaurants

Luncheon vouchers

chèques culture

Culture vouchers

Chèques vacances

Holiday vouchers

Jeune Talent

Bessé has great faith in young talent!

For over 10 years, partnerships with the Master II section of the Law Faculty in Nantes and the BTS diploma in Liability and Insurance at the Herdrie School in Nantes have been enabling Bessé to select young students for work experience and recruitment.

Bessé is also engaged in internships and not only welcomes a great variety of job profiles but also offers specialised training in insurance, commerce, marketing, management, HR, etc..

By showing faith in young talent, Bessé makes a long-term investment in the quality of its teams.