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SOFIMAR is Bessé’s Marine & Logistics prevention engineering division. It is composed of former Chief Engineering Officers from the French Navy, with broad experience in the fields of energy, safety and prevention.

Pascal Delaveau
We possess « ACCREDITED DEFENCE CLEARANCE », which gives us the non-negligible ability to handle claims relating to military programmes or installations.

SOFIMAR’S operations cover the following areas:

  • In projeCt PHASE SOFIMAR objectively analyses your risks, thus enabling us to design tailored insurance coverage to perfectly suit your needs.
  • ON A DAILY BASIS SOFIMAR carries out prevention inspections on our clients’ operational sites.  The aim of these inspections is to check that the prevention measures targeting the risk are applied and that any dangerous situations are rectified.  SOFIMAR’s action is based on working together and communication so as to form a true relationship built on trust. Survey reports are drawn up following these visits based on guidelines provided by SOFIMAR. These guidelines have recently included cyber risks, which have become a major concern nowadays.  The visits are mostly to naval shipyards, sites for maintenance in operational condition, incineration plants, shipping companies and fishing fleets. However, they can be performed in any other area of activity upon simple request.
  • IN THE EVENT OF A LOSS Our SOFIMAR Prevention Engineers are appointed to perform loss surveys. This service is not merely limited to writing up a report as SOFIMAR works in close relation with its clients in drawing up the necessary action plans for handling losses, recommends prevention measures to prevent more losses and apportions costs for indemnification purposes.  All these operations are carried out in close conjunction with the clients and in consultation with them as often as necessary.  Our SOFIMAR Prevention Engineers can be called out on short notice 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, wherever our clients’ activities are located.   
  • LASt BUT NOT LEAST SOFIMAR is by our clients’ side all the way, not only through inspecting their specific sites but also by taking part in analysing their projects and providing technical advice upon request.
Solid experience in ship Maintenance in Operational Condition, the Fishing sector, Marine activities and Marine Renewable Energy.
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